Sunday, 15 February 2015

Urgent Warning to Enigma Owners

Enigma Corrosion Alert

Tom Perera, the owner of the Enigma Museum  a company devoted to locating, restoring, preserving, and trading German Enigma machines as well as antique cipher, telegraph, scientific, and communications devices  has just issued an urgent warning about a serious case of corrosion in some Enigma machine. The source of the corrosion seems to be coming from one type of the plastic light filter that these particular machines are fitted with. The light filter is usually fitted in the lid of the machines and it is strongly suspected that these filters are generating Acetic acid vapours that will build  up within the case when the lid is closed and then attack all close by nickel and copper parts.

I hope this photo will convince you of the seriousness of this corrosion problem and that it will make you visit Tom Perera's Enigma Corrosion Web page for more detailed information and how you can prevent this happening to your own Enigma machine(s). 

Crypto Cellar Tales is NOT Dead

Many of you probably are wondering what has happened to Crypto Cellar Tales. A Blog that does not publish anything must be dead. This is usually the case but it is not the exactly true for Crypto Cellar Tales. I warned you in my first posting that I probably would post in an erratic fashion or to say the truth: only post when I really had something to tell. Cracking jokes I usually do on Twitter. That it would take me more than a year to make my next posting was neither intended nor wanted, but when you lead a busy life with many interests and many commitments and on top of that you are someone who is rather slow, the outcome is given.

The important thing is that I am now back and I hope to be able to post somewhat more regularly. I know now that I have things to say that cannot be said easily on Twitter so in the next months or so I hope there will be more tales to tell.